Hello from the future

Hello. I’m going to file this post as if I (more…)

August 2013 Catch Up Mode

Alright everybody, it is time to get this blog caught (more…)

July 2013 – A Nashville Wedding

(REMINDER, when I put stuff in asterisks, *like this,* the (more…)

July 2013 – Take Me Out To The Ballgame, and More

July 2nd, and Ian is apparently dressed in camouflage in (more…)

July 2013 – Nina’s Boulder Ridge Field Trip

July 1st, and the motorcade arrived, complete with secret service (more…)

June 2013 in Audio and Video

VIDEO, June 9th Click here to see and hear Nina (more…)

June 2013 – Dialogue and Milestones

Milestone, June 3rd Nina fell all the way down the (more…)

June 2013 – Part III, The Rest of June

June 17th, this day a weird storm floated over Rockford. (more…)

June 2013, Part II, The Cottage in June

June 15th, I admit that it is a little hard (more…)

June 2013, Kindergarten Ends, Summer Starts!

June 3rd, and… you know I don’t have any words (more…)