If you ever need a reference, please feel free to give them my contact information.  You are the most responsive vendor I work with and it is easy to see you take pride in the work that you do.

“Looks and works great… Nice elegant JS implementation… easy to dynamically update! Less fantastic is that we are both up and working at this hour. What is wrong with us?!”

“Your work with Edge has been exemplary in every way…”

“We appreciate your friendship, your pleasant demeanor and the aesthetic sense you brought to the website. Over the years we received many high compliments from consumers, dealers and industry peers on our websites and we appreciate all the creative thinking and hard work…”


“Wait, wait… just close your eyes. Now listen to Daran’s voice. Doesn’t he sound just like Alan Alda?”

“Thanks for [the] superb leadership… I’m grateful to be working with you!”