May 2013 in Audio and Video

VIDEO, May 7th Click here to see… the kids being (more…)

Meanwhile, in the present… January 13, 2014

As is tradition, here are the Chapman children to wish (more…)

May 2013 Dialogue and Milestones

[spoiler intro=”I’m going to include some of my Lilly Looking (more…)

May 2013, Part II

May 25th, and that’s a smile that comes with sprinkles! (more…)

May 2013, Part I

May 1st, Nina enjoys a popsicle on the porch. It’s (more…)

April 2013 in Audio and Video

VIDEO, April 8th Click here to see… Nina’s interest held (more…)

April 2013 Dialogue and Milestones

Dialogue, April 2nd Daddy:“That isn’t on Netflix” Nina:“Yeah it dos.” (more…)

April 2013 – Breaking Out of our Winter Coats

April 1st, we received a package from Aunt Jill for (more…)

March Video

Again I think I missed out on a good audio (more…)

March 2013 Dialogue and Milestones

Moment, March 10th Nina shows me which finger she scraped… (more…)