June 2013 in Audio and Video

VIDEO, June 9th Click here to see and hear Nina (more…)

May 2013 in Audio and Video

VIDEO, May 7th Click here to see… the kids being (more…)

Meanwhile, in the present… January 13, 2014

As is tradition, here are the Chapman children to wish (more…)

April 2013 in Audio and Video

VIDEO, April 8th Click here to see… Nina’s interest held (more…)

December in Audio

Two quick MP3s… Here’s one of Nina asking me about (more…)

November in Audio

Hi! Well, hopefully your browser can play these excellent MP3s! (more…)

May Movies and Audio, Part II

Audio, May 4th I can almost hear the laugh Uncle (more…)

Rounding Out February

Audio, February 25th I turned this video into audio to (more…)

January Audio and Videos

Alright, so here comes a couple nice clips from January, (more…)

Nina Talks Up A Storm

Audio, November 14th Click here to hear Nina trying really (more…)