June 2013 in Audio and Video

VIDEO, June 9th
Click here to see and hear Nina doing her best to read a book. She’s working from memorization, of course, but still pretty cool!

VIDEO, June 24th
Click here to see… Nina and her class playing at Java Gym! This one is large because I wanted you to be able to make out her face as she bounds by. She’s so excited! Sadly Java Gym had to close its doors, so we can’t go there anymore.

VIDEO, June 24th
Click here to see… another video, this one will be blurry, but it gives you the general idea.

VIDEO, June 29th
Click here to see… Nina makes her own obstacle course at Jester’s Court, a different play area I’ve mentioned several times.

AUDIO, May 6th
Click here to hear an mp3 that is another one I’m recording just for kicks. The kids have a lion toy that they both played with as new borns and infants… it plays these songs when pulled. We thought the batteries died, but it turned out that it just need a tug in the right direction. That said, I could tell the batteries were failing, so I recorded this so that the kids could hear these songs again later in life.

May 2013 in Audio and Video

VIDEO, May 7th
Click here to see… the kids being goofballs outside. We say “I love you” a lot, Ian invades Nina’s personal space, and she has no problem showing him where he should be.

VIDEO, May 25th
Click here to see… another music video about the Cottage. Sort of can’t help it! This is fairly long, but also worth a click.

VIDEO, May 30th
Click here to see… a small portion of ian’s recital that is basically him saying good-bye to Kindergarten. (Although the actual graduation wasn’t until the next month.)

AUDIO, May 6th
Click here to hear an mp3 Nina giggling. Short-ish and sweet… night-night time for both kids.

AUDIO, May 21st
Click here to hear an mp3 wherein I left my iPhone on in my pocket by mistake. DANGER: This is LONG and LOUD, I don’t recommend it for most people. I love it though because it is a real slice of the way things were in May of 2013. It is after work for Melissa and I, and the kids really had a way of destroying what little patience we had left. (They still do, but you can tell everybody’s a bit more on edge back in May.) We just got out of a successful and happy conference, (Nina in parent/teacher… it went great!) so stuff should be good, but the kids can cause stress none-the-less, particularly when Melissa and I haven’t seen each other all day and are just trying to touch base. You’ll hear hits of everything. I’ll be honest, I’m mostly putting this here for me later in life, for a laugh. Of note to myself: This is about half of the clip. The bits that are missing are: the conference, walking to and from the car, and toy store browsing.

AUDIO, May 30th
Click here to hear an mp3 of Mommy and Daddy gushing with pride over their almost-graduated Kindergartener.

Meanwhile, in the present… January 13, 2014

As is tradition, here are the Chapman children to wish Grampa Dave and Grandma Marcia a happy anniversary… as usual, they nailed it. Kinda.

AUDIO, January 13th
Click here to hear an mp3 of Ian and Nina attempting to send an audio card!

April 2013 in Audio and Video

VIDEO, April 8th
Click here to see… Nina’s interest held by Sonic the Hedgehog, for about 10 seconds.

VIDEO, April 26th
Click here to see… what happens when Grandma Sue and I picked up Nina. She’s a daddy’s girl, she can’t help it!

AUDIO, April 8th
Click here to hear an mp3 of a long Nina interview. When you hear this, keep in mind that she’s ONLY THREE!!! It is so hard to remember that sometimes!

AUDIO, April 25th
Click here to hear an mp3 of a long Nina interview as I drove her home from daycare.

AUDIO, April 26th
Click here to hear an mp3 of Grandma Sue reading to the little ones. (Nina in particular… who sounds pretty sure one guy pictured is a bad guy. Profiling!)

December in Audio

Two quick MP3s… Here’s one of Nina asking me about Halo and then getting a whole lot of questions
Click here to hear Nina on December 8th, 2012

And this one is Nina at the Mexican Store, ordering another round!
Click here to hear Nina on December 9th, 2012

November in Audio

Hi! Well, hopefully your browser can play these excellent MP3s! If it can’t, right click on the link, download the file, save it somewhere on your hard drive, and you should be able to find something to open it, like iTunes or a Windows equivalent. If you can’t, well, that stinks.

Anyway! Here’s some great audio bits where I ask Nina to say certain words, and she says them in her adorable voice:

Clip 1!

Clip 2!

Enjoy! On to December!

May Movies and Audio, Part II

Audio, May 4th
I can almost hear the laugh Uncle Chris would have over this audio clip. Right as I’m about to start an interview with Ian, he toots, and that pretty much ends that. To hear this audio, click here.

These are a little out of whack format-wise, but they’re still enjoyable. I’ll get all this stuff straightened out one of these days.

Video, May 20th
Ian dances while Nina plays guitar. I had to edit this down as there were many encores! To see this video, click here.

Video, May 21st
Nina impresses me all of the time. This stuff might also impress you for a 2.5 year old, but what’s really astonishing is that she’s doing even better since this video was taken, and that wasn’t all that long ago!!! To see this video, click here.

Rounding Out February

Audio, February 25th
I turned this video into audio to save a little room, as the image is unnecessary. To hear this audio, click here.

Video, February 26th
Daddy reads Nina “BigLittle” with a lot of questions. This is a long video, might take a bit to download. To see this video, click here.

That’s it for February, will we ever catch up?!?

January Audio and Videos

Alright, so here comes a couple nice clips from January, before we truly bid it adieu and move on to February.

Video, January 16th
Click here to see what’s on the menu for Nina’s picnic. (EDIT — Melissa says that Nina is saying “Snack time!” at the beginning and ending of the video. I am inclined to agree! (But not inclined enough to edit the video. :-\ ))

Video, January 22nd
Click here to watch a short video taken by Grampa Dave of Nina clomping happily across the floor like a baby gazelle testing her agility.

Audio, January 31st
Click here to listen to this audio clip. Now here’s the deal. Nina picked up my iPhone, navigated to the voice recording app, started it recording, and made this recording. That she did this in the first place, is jaw-dropping. She watched me do this, but I did not specifically show her how to do this. What makes it even more incredible is what I believe she says on the recording. “Hear my voice? Yeah.” Melissa said she doesn’t quite hear that… and that may be. It is so crazy that she said that, I’m wondering if I’ve forgotten sometime that I DID show her how it all works.

Nina Talks Up A Storm

Audio, November 14th
Click here to hear Nina trying really hard to tell us something! You may need to turn up your volume considerably, sorry. (I love when she tells me “no,” particularly the second, emphatic “no,” when I guess what she’s saying incorrectly.)

Audio, November 14th
Click here to hear Nina playing with Daddy when she should be sleeping! The volume on this one is a bit better.

Daily Sheet from Daycare, November 20th
Chelsea, Caregiver at Daycare: “Nina had a great day today! For art she colored on a big piece of paper with crayons! Every time I would draw something, she would say “no” and then color over it! She is so silly :-)”

Video, November 19th
Click here to see the kids practicing for the Christmas concert… This is a huge video, but probably worth watching for Nina’s speech in the middle. Warning, Ian hits Nina in this one, so it is rated PG for mild sibling abuse. (At the very end, she wants Mommy to get her crayons, if you’re wondering.) 10.2MB

Dialogue, November 20th
Nina: “One, murmph, go, blassoff! PSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH”