New Feature! The Jukebox!

Alright I can’t say how often I’ll be able to update this, but I wanted to let you all know about a feature I’m putting together for the site. I’m calling it the jukebox, but a more accurate term on the web these days is a “soundboard.” I’ll be adding or changing this from time to time, I think. For now you can click the link below, but in the future you’ll be able to find the jukebox in the menu to the right under “pages.”

It’s a series of buttons with sounds attached to each, you just have to click and enjoy. Don’t forget to turn on your speakers, and turn up the volume a bit. (Note for very slow connections: the sounds themselves load PER CLICK. So you’ll have to click, wait, and listen.)

Here’s the new feature!


The other day was Ian’s month old check-up. As you may recall, nurses were pretty happy with his two week check-up, where he had bounced back up to 9lbs and 6oz from his 9lb 3oz birthweight… and we all laughed that somebody must have screwed up his measurement at the hospital for him to have grown an inch (from 21″ to 22″) in two weeks. Well… there’s not much I put past this kid anymore. At the one month mark we’d be worried that his 95th percentile weight (11 lbs 3oz) might not be healthy if it weren’t for his 97th percentile height of 23 1/2″!!! He’s growing like a weed!

He’s making new noises, which I’ve recorded for you here. Hit “play” below to hear what Ian’s got to say these days.
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Finally, here’s a couple of photos! These were taken AGAIN in the bouncy seat, this time with the added fun of a mobile.

150 BPM

Click “play” below (and turn up your speakers, wise-guy) to hear the heartbeat! So far so good!

NOTE: If you’re in IE on a PC you might need to click the button below twice. Thanks, Microsoft!

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