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Episode IX

xxx (more…)

Inktober 2019, Part II – Can I make it to November?


Inktober 2019, Part I – probably should have gone to art school


Thoughts on Episode 8

SPOILERS AHOY. Don’t read this unless you’ve seen the movie. (more…)

Rogue One, Star Wars Zero

I want to start by saying I loved The Force (more…)
A client that chose a poetic name under which to sell candles deserved a smart logo.

Waxpoetic Logo

She sells candles, under the name WaxPoetic.  (more…)
VistaPrint's vision of my vision.

Business Cards

I’ve been in business for about a decade without business (more…)
I got a request from somebody that I consider family, who also happens to be a colleague in programming and business: Make a logo for a company that hauls water around Arizona. Their name? Dynamite Water. This was the final winner, and I'm pretty happy with it. Less is more!

Dynamite Water Identity



I did a whole lot more than this with Lilly Looking Through. Please check out the video, here.

Geeta Games: Lilly Looking Through

LILLY LOOKING THROUGH Supplemental Programming/Particle Effects/Level Assembly This is a (more…)