March 2013 – A Month of Stuff, Part II

Pretty much Easter time on our blog… Ian’s no dummy, especially not as a bunny. See this image larger.

Nina said “I made a clock!” And she did! Sundial side up? See this image larger.

March 22nd, and we had some special visitors! Grampa Dave and Grandma Marcia! See this image larger.

…and so did the Easter Bunny! See this image larger.

Future manager material: Ian happily checks on his peeps. See this image larger.

New Skylander! See this image larger.

Mommy shows Nina some of her goodies! See this image larger.

Sitting with Daddy, briefly… See this image larger.

Remote control cars for each; I think Ian let Grampa have a turn eventually… See this image larger.

Our little crew had been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, even little Nina; we were rude and asked Grampa and Gramma if it would be ok to watch one episode, as the kids were pretty hooked. I meant Melissa and I. The grandkids were pretty hooked too. See this image larger.

But it was getting late; thanks for visiting Grampa and Grandma! See this image larger.

March 2013 – A Month of Stuff, Part I

March 2nd, Ian playing Skylanders by himself. This is a good shot of the green office’s “man cave” corner. When we catch up, you’ll probably see the orange. (Or come visit!) See this image larger.

March 3rd, and little girl was tired and sick. Probably with the same cold that resulted in a rare Ian nap last month. We share everything in this family, especially colds. :-\ See this image larger.

March 5th, there’s our bright and happy little girl! See this image larger.

In lil pigtails! See this image larger.

Alternate bonus shot, because cuuuuuute. See this image larger.

March 9th, Blanford Nature Center, my super awesome family! See this image larger.

I was there too! See this image larger.

Two extremely stoned owls. (Of note, the summer of 2013 we had a couple fantastic owls in the woods behind our house. Awesome to listen to at night.) See this image larger.

The brave adventurers head deep into the woods to discover secrets unknown… like… how to make syrup! See this image larger.

First you gotta drill the tree. Here son, have a drill. See this image larger.

The one warm place was some kind of weird lodge thingy. Wompom? I don’t know these terms. I do know some talented story tellers got Nina’s attention. See this image larger.

BLAWAWAEEAAAERTRRGH. See this image larger.

These vats meltdown syrup and refine it into goodness. Speaking of meltdowns, Ian had one in T-Minus 15 minutes for some reason. Something about popcorn or something. See this image larger.

We had a great time, but it was cold… let’s go home. See this image larger.

 Back at home, col’ chillin’ with a sippy and Mommy! See this image larger.

March 10th, Nina happily accepts a tin foil rose from yours truly. See this image larger.

March 11th. Video games. See this image larger.

March 15th, Valley View Elementary had a carnival, and you are invited… to look at pictures of it. They had games like this. Nina, pull up your pants. See this image larger.

Ian and I took a couple selfies after eating some hot dogs… See this image larger.

Of course we got silly. See this image larger.

…and then we laughed about it. See this image larger.

…and made more faces. See this image larger.

Mommy sat next to Nina… hiya ladies! See this image larger.

One more shot because I look alright in it. See this image larger.

Patiently waiting her turn. See this image larger.

The point of this game was to pull back the ball, which is attached via a string, and let go, to see if you can knock down the bowling pins. Nina Warrior Princess grabbed the string and whirled the ball over her head like a flail, before delivering a killing blow. The pins still whisper her name, but not very loud. See this image larger.

Ian survived through a maze of cardboard boxes, and neatly scrawled his name next to other winners. See this image larger.

March 21st, Mommy went with Ian on a field trip to the Children’s Museum in Grand Rapids. I didn’t go, but I’ll give you the play-by-play as best I can. See this image larger.

The theme was about dental care, IAN LOOKOUT! See this image larger.

The theme doesn’t necessarily cover all bits of the museum. Like this rock wall. See this image larger.

Or this big bubble thingy. See this image larger.

Ian’s friend Nathan, who was a reading maniac in Kindergarten. He could read anything. Truly impressive. See this image larger.

The whole kindergarten crew, that’s Ian next to Mrs. Lanham! Looks like you guys had fun! See this image larger.

February 2013 in Video

No audio this time around. Not really all the surprising given how busy things got with Lilly Looking Through.

VIDEO, February 3rd
Click here to see Nina getting her Béyonce-inspired Super Bowl halftime groove on! (Note the bits where she can see the television and how her moves become more complex during those moments.)

VIDEO, February 4th
Click here to see… evidence that I’ve probably traumatized my son for life. This is the pivotal “Luke gets his hand chopped off and Darth Vader reveals his relationship to Luke” scene from Empire Strikes Back.

VIDEO, February 8th
Click here to see… Nina marching around.

VIDEO, February 8th
Click here to see… Daddy and Nina talking about her pancake recipe. I apologize for not letting the little girl speak much here. Worth a chuckle!

VIDEO, February 16th
Click here to see… well… I’m not sure what’s going on here. Nina channels Lady Gaga?

VIDEO, February 23rd
Click here to see… Ian and Nina discussing what is a letter, and what is a number.

VIDEO, February 27th
Click here to see… Nina singing her heart out.

February Dialogue and Milestones

Dialogue, February 3rd
Nina bursts into a rousing cheer: “Cucumber, popcorn, quesadilla, super sleuths, go!”

Dialogue, February 12th
Ian: “Did you know turtles live to be 100 years old?”
Dad: “No.”
Ian: “That’s really old. I read about that in a NON-fiction book.”

Dialogue, February 12th
Ian: “Surrender!”
Ian, Voice #2: “WE SURRENDER!”
Ian: “That was pretty fast.”
Ian, Voice #2: “That’s because we DON’T surrender!”


Daycare Notes, Friday, February 1 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina is so cute when she decided to dance with a friend, they held hands and galloped around. She also had a lot of fun making her own toothpaste.”

Daycare Notes, Monday, February 4 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina made a ‘heart for mommy’ out of Play-Doh this morning! She loved putting things in the mailbox in dramatic play. Nina made up a song about taking turns. It was so cute!”

Daycare Notes, Tuesday, February 5 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina couldn’t wait to paint today! She worked really hard at tracing her name and really started to get the hang of it after a few tries! Nina loves mailing letters to our mailbox!”

Daycare Notes, Wednesday, February 6 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina was so excited to play the shape separating game at circle time! She was excited to feel an icicle and play in the snow! She made a ‘tower tree’ out of Legos this morning!”

Daycare Notes, Thursday, February 7 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina really enjoyed playing on the sticky wall! She had a blast watching other teachers throw snowballs at our windows.”

Daycare Notes, Monday, February 11 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina had a lovely tea party with her girlfriends and dramatic play! And she put on a leather vest and tied a bandanna around her waist. She look like a cowgirl! You tried really hard to get her beanbags in the heart. She didn’t excellent job identifying letters of the alphabet!”

Daycare Notes, Tuesday, February 12 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina took such good care of her baby she padded it when he cried, swaddled and named it ‘crying baby.’ Nina had lots of fun playing in the snow with your friends!”

Daycare Notes, Wednesday, February 13 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina enjoyed playing with small cars in the parking garage. She couldn’t wait to paint! She said she made a rainbow and then saying ‘over the rainbow I’ll see you in a couple of years.’ I love the songs she makes up!”

Daycare Notes, Thursday, February 14 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina was a bit emotional today but she did enjoy passing out her valentines.”

Daycare Notes, Friday, February 15th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina helped build a house out of magnetic tiles. It was challenging! She decorated the firetruck so beautifully and told us she ‘fixed’ it.”

Daycare Notes, Monday, February 18 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina had lots of fun dancing with her friends this morning! She pretended to be a doctor to her baby who had a ‘sick throat.’ Nina made a ‘plastic tree’ out of Legos. She’s so funny!”

Daycare Notes, Tuesday, February 19th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina has excellent small motor skills. Peeling Band-Aids was easy for her! She was very interested in learning how gauze worked. She couldn’t wait to go to tumble time!”

Daycare Notes, Wednesday, February 20 Nina’s caregiver: “Nina loved playing with the stamps and was excited to find the ‘N'”

Daycare Notes, Thursday, February 21st Nina’s caregiver: “Nina always called the YMCA view ‘YCM.’ It’s so cute. She built a ‘forest’ out of Legos. It looks really cool! She climbed a rock wall today. Ms. Sarah said she loved it and wasn’t scared at all!”

Daycare Notes, Friday, February 22nd Nina’s caregiver: “Nina enjoyed hiding in a tunnel from her friends! She was so excited to ride the Catapillar bike. Nina made a snake out of Play Doh. She was very serious when she was cooking in dramatic play play. Side note – I will miss Nina so much she will always have a place in my heart.” (Miss Joanna retiring.)

Daycare Notes, Monday, February 25th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina had fun playing outside on the swings and digging in the snow. We came back in, she built a big tall tower with Legos and saying ‘scare the cat’ in a lots of fun voices.”

Tumble Time Note Tumble Time Teacher: “Nina is so much fun in class! She’s always happy and hard-working and getting so much stronger!”

February 2013 in Pictures…In One Long Post!

February 1st, I received this note as part of a Thank You card from Ian for showing up at Doughnuts with Dad. You are so welcome, kiddo. See this image larger.

February 2nd, Nina makes her unforgettable fruit-vegetable-pizza-Lego-rubber ball salad. See this image larger.

February 3rd, Mommy left for sunny Texas, leaving us to huddle with each other in the cold… Just kidding, we did alright! (Mommy, I’m noticing a pattern of warm-weather work trips in the winter. Just sayin’ 😉 ) See this image larger.

That night, we went to Cinco De Mayo as usual. See this image larger.

I believe this was the trip where Nina needed to go potty, so I took her to the men’s room with Ian. While Ian stood there, Nina sat in a stall. I remember washing my hands, hearing Nina say “oops” and watching a roll of toilet paper coast out from under the stall, behind my ankles, unravelling as it went. See this image larger.

That night, the kitty knew he’d find peace on Mommy’s side of the bed, so he snuggled up on her blanket… or maybe he just missed her already, who knows. See this image larger.

February 4th, and because it is hard to cook with the two kids, we tend to eat out while Mommy’s away. Thus, Panera and an M&M cookie! See this image larger.

February 8th. Snow. Also, can’t wait to share a video of Nina making pancakes that happened on this day. Remind me! See this image larger.

February 10th, and these smiles can mean only one thing… Mommy’s home! See this image larger.

Celebratory smooch on the forehead! See this image larger.

February 12th, the kids in Ian’s class had already been in school for 100 days! Where does the time go? It doesn’t matter, I just know it goes very quick. See this image larger.

February 14th, the kids show us some heart from Kindergarten! See this image larger.

Olga’s! See this image larger.

Lightsabers from Grampa Dave and Gramma Marcia! See this image larger.

Uh oh there’s two… THIS one works… See this image larger.

THAT one works… See this image larger.

Hey, they BOTH work! MORTAL COMBAT!!! See this image larger.

IAN!!!! Don’t you know that if you strike her down now she will only come back more powerful than you can possibly imagine? (Don’t worry folks, everybody’s fine here, just a trick of the angle. 😉 ) See this image larger.

February 15th, Nina stood on her soap box and read this book to us, by which I mean, she made up a phrase and repeated it for pretty much every page. “Her did it to her did it, and her did it to her did it.” What do you expect people, she’s THREE. Geez!See this image larger.

Look at that cute pony tail! See this image larger.

Hiya Peanut! See this image larger.

So cute! Yeah, sure you can watch the TV. See this image larger.

It’s always so good to look across the table and see both girls. 🙂 See this image larger.

February 25th, Ian took a rare nap after a full day of play. Sometimes when I look at him, I can picture the baby Ian. Usually when he’s sleeping like this. See this image larger.

Nina watching the iPad in the sunroom. Yes, they probably seem to be on the iPads a lot. And they are. But just not as much as you think they are; this is the only time they hold still for a picture!! See this image larger.

February 26th, the Valentine’s season has Ian feeling generous… this is a note for his sister! It says “I hoPE you had a gud dey at school love Ian.” (I hope you had a good day at school. Love, Ian.) See this image larger.

January 2013 in Audio and Video

January 2013… We have nearly an entire year to make up the time on… I’m going to make it my mission to catch up before January of 2014, so stay tuned in, people!

VIDEO, January 16th
Click here to see… Ian and his class performing a nice song about dads… it’s a long video.

VIDEO, January 19th
Click here to see… the fastest shortest video ever! Nina grins! I thought my camera was taking pictures, not video! See, it happens to me too!

VIDEO, January 20th
Click here to see Ian watching one of the more emotional moments in Star Wars. “That’s a pretty sunset.” was great to share this with him. 🙂

VIDEO, January 27th
Click here to see Ian and Nina singing something… turn your speakers down or you are in for a surprise.

VIDEO, January 30th
Click here to see and hear Nina and I talking about “snowman’s” and videos!

AUDIO, January 24th
Click here to hear an mp3 of Nina kicking me out of her room when clearly I’m just trying to go “sleepies.”

AUDIO, January 26th
Click here to hear an mp3 of Nina and I talking about all kinds of stuff before she hits the sack. She pretty much tells me to get out at the end of this one too!!! 🙂

January 2013 Dialogue and Milestones

Dialogue, January 5th
Nina sings an alternate version of a classic: “Jesus loves me this i know, Old McBible tells me so.”

Dialogue, January 5th
Nina in her normal voice:“Can my baby have another cookie?”
Nina in a higher pitched voice:“I want a cookie please!”


Daycare Notes, Monday, January 7th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina made a “doughnut” out of homemade Play-Doh this morning! She enjoyed pretending to be a teacher, speaking very professionally, giving directions, and passing out toys to friends. She was a very nice, patient teacher!”

Daycare Notes, Tuesday, January 8th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina enjoyed setting up gears and playing with them! When she was stamping, I heard her say “this is very cool!” Nina even identified some of the letter she was stamping!”

Daycare Notes, Wednesday, January 9th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina had so much fun drawing shapes in the shaving cream. She also enjoyed fishing for letters, she’s doing great at identifying some!”

Daycare Notes, Thursday, January 10th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina had so much fun searching for her glove under the parachute! She did have some trouble using nice words with her friends. Nina love dancing with the beanbag today!”

Daycare Notes, Friday January 11th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina enjoyed playing with pink horses this morning. She kept saying ‘giddyup horsey!’ He had so much fun riding bikes in the indoor playspace. Nina worked very hard at holding her scissors the correct way.”

Daycare Notes, Monday, January 14th Milestones Accident Report: “Nina slipped on the bathroom floor, it was wet. She bumped her head.”

Daycare Notes, Monday, January 14th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina enjoyed bouncing on a big ball in the indoor playspace. When she was done, she was eager to share with a friend. Nina enjoyed watching VeggieTales and Dora with friends.”

Daycare Notes, Tuesday, January 15th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina built a ‘choo-choo’ out of the wooden animal blocks. Nina did a great job matching in finding all her eggs. Nina did very well today. We are all set for underwear :-)”

Daycare Notes, Wednesday, January 16th Nina’s caregiver: “Enjoyed listening to ‘the polar express’ on CD. She told us all about seeing Santa at Christmas. Nina built a ‘dinosaur’ out of Legos. She had fun playing with foam letter tiles. Lots of stars.”

Daycare Notes, Thursday, January 17th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina had so much fun playing in the tent. Intermatic play she pretended to be the teller at a restaurant and filled everyone’s orders. Then she ‘wiped down tables.’ Nina loves going on a bear hunt with her friends!”

Daycare Notes, Friday, January 18th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina had so much fun playing ice hockey she giggled every time she hit the ice. She also enjoyed coloring coffee filters with Miss Jillian. She did a great job recognizing the letter ‘N’ for Nina.”

Daycare Notes, Monday, January 21st Nina’s caregiver: “Nina’s letter mats to build a boat. She sat in it and saying “row row row your boat.” Nina did a lot of pretend cleaning (like sweeping and mopping) in dramatic play. She also played hair salon with Mia!”

Daycare Notes, Monday, January 21st Milestones Accident Report: “We were singing and dancing to the song ‘spin again.’ We spun around lots of times. Nina lost her footing and got a little dizzy. She tripped over her foot and bumped her head on the corner the table where the dollhouse is. Nina cried and Ms. Vanessa picked her up, gave her a big hug and ice pack.”

Daycare Notes, Tuesday, January 22nd Nina’s caregiver: “Nina pretended to be a mommy and dramatic play. She said all her friends and even watch their toys when they walked away. Since we couldn’t go outside, we switched rooms with O.T.. Nina loved the shopping carts and real food cartons!”

Daycare Notes, Wednesday, January 23rd Nina’s caregiver: “We used all kinds of feet (walking, jumping, running, etc.) In the indoor playspace and Nina came up with a great idea to March! Nina felt really big when she was looking through a magnifying glass. It made her ‘roar!'”

Daycare Notes, Thursday, January 24th Nina’s caregiver: ” Nina couldn’t wait to play! She was such a great helper and she saying this while she worked: ‘We help each other. I don’t care. We help each other.'”

Daycare Notes, Friday, January 25th Nina’s caregiver: “At breakfast Nina said, “when my brother is 16, I could to go to a party.” She had so much fun riding bikes in the indoor playspace! Nina concentrated so hard when painting her lantern! Potty note she likes singing ‘I go yellow’ when she goes potty :-)”

Daycare Notes, Tuesday, January 29th Nina’s caregiver: “Nina had a bit of fun brushing the model of a mouth. She also really enjoyed playing with assorted rain sticks.”

Daycare Notes, Wednesday, January 30th Nina’s caregiver: “Enjoy playing in shaving cream this morning! She ran her heart out in the echo tunnel! Nina had a hard time using nice words with her friends today. He had fun Intermatic play, cooking.”

Daycare Notes, Thursday, January 31st Nina’s caregiver: “Nina told us all about playing basketball at the Y, it was cute excavation point she also had fun building a long training pushing it down the wooden tracks.”

Ian’s 6th Birthday, and January Flies By!

January 19th, Brandon and Max met us at Jester’s Court for a day of socks and shenanigans. See this image larger.

…and sleep! See this image larger.

January 20th, first time on display, my pretty horrible attempt at making a Millennium Falcon cake… See this image larger.

“Friends” on Facebook told me it looked like a cow. Hmph! See this image larger.

Grampa Dave and Grandma Marcia shared Ian’s birthday and brought great presents! See this image larger.

What’s that? A Skylander? But you don’t even have that game?!? See this image larger.

What are we going to do?!? See this image larger.

Well, looky there! It’s the Skylanders game! Surprise, kiddo! See this image larger.

Pizza for dinner! See this image larger.

One of my all time favorite shots of Ian… He’s grown into such a wonderful little man. You’re a great kid! See this image larger.

Use those lungs! See this image larger.

Another benefit of turning six? It’s time, kiddo. Star Wars, Episode IV. A sci-fi escape handed down from father to son to son. 🙂 See this image larger.

What a great age! See this image larger.

Love this shot, what a little grin! See this image larger.

Wish for something cool! See this image larger.

A really cool Transformers headquarters toy was the hit of the evening, hands down! See this image larger.

Baseball mit… still currently unused. See this image larger.

What’s in there? See this image larger.

It’s a great big rocket toy! See this image larger.

Hi! See this image larger.

January 21st, Ian had cupcakes for the class! See this image larger.

How many years old, buddy? See this image larger.

Time for reading and craziness! See this image larger.

This part is the craziness. See this image larger.

January 23rd, Ian climbs a stool in the background, wearing orange, during reading activities in Kindergarten. See this image larger.

January 25th was Pizza Day at school. Ian’s wearing red in the middle. See this image larger.

January 28th, and it is time for snowmen! (Bonus in this shot, see Seth kitty?) See this image larger.

The artists with their creations! See this image larger.

Ian shows off his favorite birthday toy to Brendan from next door. See this image larger.

A warm spell left our snowmen a shadow of their former selves on January 29th… See this image larger.

And by the 30th, well, let’s just say they pined for days of yore. See this image larger.

Let’s go January 2013!

First, another apology for not staying on top of the blog. We’re sending out our GOLD MASTER CANDIDATE for the game I’m working on, so things should sort of slow down for a little bit, at least enough for me to be able to do this again. Maybe I could work out again too. ANYWAY… so here it is now September, and we’re going to talk about January. Let’s get a move on!

Alright, so… First things first, I forgot to mention that when we were at Grampa Dave and Grandma Marcia’s, we also celebrated Nina’s birthday, again!

A pic of Nina about to make a wish with her birthday cake, on January 5th! Thanks guys! See this image larger.

January 9th, and we’ve returned from our Christmas adventure! Here Nina looks super cute in little pigtails! See this image larger.

January 10th, Ian and I share a quick hug during the bedtime routine. See this image larger.

January 11th, and Nina shows us the definition of hug-worthy. Wait, is that a word? See this image larger.

January 12th, Chef Nina prepares another culinary delight! See this image larger.

Check out Nina’s writing… mostly just zig-zags, but she’s getting there! See this image larger.

Peek-a-boo at the park! See this image larger.

Hugs are the best! See this image larger.

Mommy and Ian try out the slide! See this image larger.

Almost kicking Daddy’s camera out of his hands is always a good time! See this image larger.

Probably the last time you’ll see Nina squeeze into a baby swing? See this image larger.

Ian’s first attempt at using a real key in a real lock on a real door, I’d guess. See this image larger.

January 15th, Christmas casualties abound in our neighborhood. See this image larger.

When Ian’s mittens actually do make it home from Kindergarten, they reside here, in order to be dry by morning. If they’re really soaked, I have to turn them half inside-out and put them on the vent like bunny ears. See this image larger.

January 15th… with snow pants on, the boys looked like “Hans and Franz” from Saturday Night Live about twenty five years ago. So I made them flex, of course. See this image larger.

Ian and I at Chili’s. Possibly our last trip there ever. So much salt in that food, it honestly makes me a little ill. See this image larger.

Mommy and Nina, across the table… See this image larger.

…and say, who is that over there, but Max and Brandon! Hey guys! See this image larger.

Hot chocolate day in Mrs. Lanham’s class. Buckets of sugar for all the good boys and girls! See this image larger.

January 16th, and it was a “Doughnuts with Dad” day at Kindergarten! See this image larger.

They had a little choreographed number or two to thank the dads. I got one of them on video which I will share later. Very cute! See this image larger.

After seeing all of the little pieces of paper that said “My Dad is… Funny” I was figuring that Ian had followed suit with his friends… thus, when I saw his said that I was loving, it felt pretty darn good. See this image larger.

LOL. 15 years old? I wish! See this image larger.

He likes hot chocolate when “I am dun slddng.” See this image larger.

Guilty as charged! See this image larger.

This I just found sitting around at home somewhere… I must be doing something right. I feel like all I do is correct and raise my voice. See this image larger.

It’s Still Looking a Heck of a lot like Christmas! (Everywhere We Gooooo….)

January 4th, we made our way slowly, but surely north, back to Michigan! We arrived at Grampa Dave and Gramma Marcia’s just ahead of Santa, who was finishing up fourth shift. The kids arrived via cardboard space shuttle. See this image larger.

Actually it was part of their Christmas gifts! Nina got a princess castle! The two of them spent the evening making Grampa Dave and Gramma Marcia assemble, while they colored and played! O_o;; See this image larger.

Back in the shuttle, with helmets on! See this image larger.

This was a great distraction to let the kids go a little nuts with while Mommy and Daddy tried to recover from all the driving. See this image larger.

Bedtime reading! See this image larger.

Wish Nina was in this shot, so beautiful! See this image larger.

The next morning, January 5th, and Santa had arrived! See this image larger.

Lookit! Fun Lego stuff and a “Cindabrellah!” See this image larger.

Dinosaur roar! See this image larger.

Hey ladies! Great shot of Gramma Marcia!See this image larger.

Nina ballerina! Is she pointing those toes? You bet! See this image larger.

I think Grampa Dave offered to open up or sniff these chocolates! Great Grandma Betty knew better than to fall for that trick! Love this shot, so happy! See this image larger.

Grampa Dave got a new toy to show off his motorcycle pics! See this image larger.

Did somebody say karaoke? Hope you like Row, Row, Row Your Boat! See this image larger.

Ian made a secret fort under the table! See this image larger.

Ian and Nina check out a video on the iPad. Soon we’re going to let them do this in the car during the trips too, a bit. See this image larger.

They’re sharing nice! Thank you so much everybody for an excellent Christmas! If I’m not mistaken we stayed that night, woke up in the morning and headed back home, Christmas tour complete! What a crazy adventure was had by all! See this image larger.