March 2013 – A Month of Stuff, Part II

Pretty much Easter time on our blog… Ian’s no dummy, (more…)

March 2013 – A Month of Stuff, Part I

March 2nd, Ian playing Skylanders by himself. This is a (more…)

February 2013 in Video

No audio this time around. Not really all the surprising (more…)

February Dialogue and Milestones

Dialogue, February 3rd Nina bursts into a rousing cheer: “Cucumber, (more…)

February 2013 in Pictures…In One Long Post!

February 1st, I received this note as part of a (more…)

January 2013 in Audio and Video

January 2013… We have nearly an entire year to make (more…)

January 2013 Dialogue and Milestones

Dialogue, January 5th Nina sings an alternate version of a (more…)

Ian’s 6th Birthday, and January Flies By!

January 19th, Brandon and Max met us at Jester’s Court (more…)

Let’s go January 2013!

First, another apology for not staying on top of the (more…)

It’s Still Looking a Heck of a lot like Christmas! (Everywhere We Gooooo….)

January 4th, we made our way slowly, but surely north, (more…)