doomp-doomp doomp-doomp

The doctor moved the wand around on Melissa’s belly and warned us “Now usually we find the mom’s first…” But her eyes lit slightly as a persistent beat drummed through the device’s speakers. “… or sometimes not! That’s the baby’s!”

A grin split from ear-to-ear on our faces as Melissa and I glanced at each other briefly, and the realization hit home: Somebody’s in there.

I tried to record the experience of hearing our baby’s heartbeat the first time, but in my happiness managed to confuse the green “pause” icon with the red “record” icon and not commit a thing to tape. Why the good folks at Sony would think green means stop and red means go, I have no idea. I’ll get it next time, however.

The doctor also said that next time she’d let me try to find the heartbeat, and issued this like a challenge. Tish! Has my video game expertise not proceeded me, Doctor?


Welcome Friends and Family!

Hi all, just wanted to say thanks to everybody for the thoughtful wishes on our new addition. The whole family has been very supportive and we’re excited to get the news out at last.

Expect a new update on Tuesday!

We don’t have a way for you to post comments here, but if you write me at my normal email address, I’ll be happy to post whatever you want for you.

-Daran & Melissa

Aliens Attack! Details at 11!

Here’s our first pic of the kid… We love you blob!

The kid is due on January 20, 2007. The ultrasound was taken 22nd of June, and our little walnut was about 10 weeks old.

Note: Special thanks to the guy that built our original tool, it served us well!

Meterologists believe the storm front will hit around January, and suggest boarding up windows now.