And everything in its place.

A client that chose a poetic name under which to sell candles deserved a smart logo.

Waxpoetic Logo

She sells candles, under the name WaxPoetic.  (more…)
I got a request from somebody that I consider family, who also happens to be a colleague in programming and business: Make a logo for a company that hauls water around Arizona. Their name? Dynamite Water. This was the final winner, and I'm pretty happy with it. Less is more!

Dynamite Water Identity

I did a whole lot more than this with Lilly Looking Through. Please check out the video, here.

Geeta Games: Lilly Looking Through

LILLY LOOKING THROUGH Supplemental Programming/Particle Effects/Level Assembly This is a (more…)
OUT OF THEIR MINDS DESIGN Design/Programming My old site's design checks the time of day and gives an appropriate theme, be it night, day, or dawn/dusk. The clouds along the bottom are interactive, producing small puffs on rollover.

Out Of Their Minds Design (old site)

  OUT OF THEIR MINDS DESIGNDesign/ProgrammingMy old site checked the (more…)
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY HEALTHCARE Design/3D Modeling/Animation Reagan Marketing + Design allowed me to stretch creatively for this project: an animated walkthrough of the finer points of a new hospital that existed only in sketches!

U of K HealthCare Animation

UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY HEALTHCARE Design/3D Modeling/Animation Reagan Marketing + Design (more…)
EDGE ENTERPRISES Design/Programming/Illustration/Writing For over 11 years, I worked on Flash-based interactive presentations for challenged junior high and high school students to aid in their writing. I wrote a story to go with the latest presentations.

Edge Enterprises

EDGE ENTERPRISESDesign/Programming/Illustration/Writing For over 11 years, I worked on Flash-based (more…)
SLIGH FURNITURE Design/Programming (partnered with Brandon Gohsman) Sligh was a freelance client of mine for nearly a decade before ownership changed hands. Rob Sligh was always looking for a new technological leap forward on his company’s site.

Sligh Furniture

  SLIGH FURNITUREDesign/Programming (partnered with Brandon Gohsman)Sligh was a freelance (more…)
CLARE WADE COMMUNICATIONS Design/Programming (Partnered on Programming with Dan Tyger, while with Square One Design) I designed this site while Clare’s identity was a pair of waders, seen in the lower right.

Clare Wade Communications

CLARE WADE COMMUNICATIONSDesign/Programming (Programmed in-part with Daniel Tyger, while with (more…)
CENTER FOR CREATIVE STUDIES Interface Design/Programming (while with Square One Design) Center for Creative Studies, based in Detroit, came to Square One with a need to look more creative online. Also designed two spreads/pages.

Center for Creative Studies

CENTER FOR CREATIVE STUDIESInterface Design/Programming (while with Square One Design)Center (more…)
JEUP FURNITURE Design/Programming (while with Square One Design) Jeup is a maker of fine, contemporary furniture.

Jeup Fine Furniture

JEUP FURNITUREDesign/Programming (while with Square One Design)I designed the whole (more…)