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Thoughts on Episode 8

SPOILERS AHOY. Don’t read this unless you’ve seen the movie. It was good. It bordered on great. Let’s start with what I loved. Failed plans, as a theme. Act to act this movie let the characters fail over and over. It is refreshing to experience in a Star Wars movie, and it also shows what […]

Rogue One, Star Wars Zero

I want to start by saying I loved The Force Awakens, and that it is rife with some of the same things I complain about in Rogue One. The Force Awakens is not a perfect movie, and it obviously imitates other Star Wars movies to a fault… but it is still a good Star Wars movie. […]

Cold Brew Coffee

I did not understand the draw to cold brew coffee until this week, when I put my birthday present to the test. I got a Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker through Amazon from my lovely wife Melissa. I’m about to sell you on this idea. Ready? First, let’s talk cons. It uses an entire 12oz […]

My Uninterrupted Workday is Shorter Than Yours, and that’s OK

I start work at around 9:00am, like most people. But at 3:57pm something happens that disrupts my workday and interrupts the flow of task-completion. Because while there are benefits to working from home… a continuous workday is not one of them. What disrupts me? It is as yellow as a bumble-bee and significantly larger than a […]