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I got a request from somebody that I consider family, who also happens to be a colleague in programming and business: Make a logo for a company that hauls water around Arizona. Their name? Dynamite Water. This was the final winner, and I'm pretty happy with it. Less is more!

Dynamite Water Identity

HAWORTH Design/Programming (Partnered with Brandon Gohsman) This is the level of design that I enjoy creating the most: clean and light.


HAWORTHDesign/Programming (Partnered with Brandon Gohsman)Reagan Marketing + Design wanted their (more…)
RICHARD-ALLAN SCIENTIFIC 3D Modeling/Rendering A model/render of a new product that was still in testing at the time.

Richard-Allan Scientific

RICHARD-ALLAN SCIENTIFIC3D Modeling/RenderingA model/render of a new product that was (more…)
SQUARE ONE DESIGN Design/Programming (while with Square One Design) This is one of my first projects at Square One – a fork in the internet superhighway to usher both of our audiences to the site.

Square One Design

SQUARE ONE DESIGNDesign/Programming (while with Square One Design)This is one (more…)