Lilly Looking Through

by Geeta Games

Lilly is an animated adventure game in which the player helps her rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery. It was amazing to work alongside several Cyan veterans while making the game – a company I revere to this day. Recognized by Intel as “Best Adventure/Role Playing Game and Best Art Design” for the Level Up Demo Contest of 2013, Lilly is still available on Steam; but I was able to secure the box version printed especially for Germany, and it is an absolute work of art!
Responsibilities included UI/UX, programming, level assembly and cinematography, all particle effects, and prop animation. Agile environment working with remote programmer. Successfully funded on Kickstarter and shipped. Full boxed edition was produced for Germany, and Lilly was adopted as part of the Valve Greenlight program; available on Steam, Mac App Store, and as part of a Humble Bundle.