Flying Pig Wall Coatings

by Daran Chapman

Flying Pig Coatings makes a special paint that seals out moisture and is used in construction. They came to Reagan Marketing + Design looking for an identity, and the pig-with-goggles was born. (I told the designer that this reminded me of Porco Rosso of Studio Ghibli fame, but he had not seen it just yet.)

Shown below left is a diagram of what an early site-map looked like for Flying Pig – and how the “flow” of the site was imagined. We provided the wireframes below to the client and copywriter to both understand the layout and give an idea of number of images and words desired to populate the page with content.

Another page below shows the “lunch and learn” schedule. Which reminds me…

It is common for construction-based creators to hold “lunch and learn” activities – this allows the company to host an event, provide lunch and a solid education about how their product works. When the client was telling me this, the wheels in my head briefly turned and I said after a moment. “Like a BBQ&A?” The client’s face split into a grin. Sometime after the meeting he let me know that he paid to have the term registered as a trademark!

If you ever need another set of ears in a brainstorm and have a free chair — please invite me; this is the stuff that makes my whole day.

(Note that clients may change their website at any time.)