Hosting for WordPress and Joomla!

The one thing I hear more often than anything else when it comes to CMS systems like WordPress or Joomla! is that the client wants this technology on their site because they plan to edit the content themselves. The client usually has no problem finding the actual content, it is the updating process itself that becomes daunting. Result? More often than not, the site goes untouched, even with training or extensive documentation. A site without growth isn’t good for the client, or for a designer/developer: relevance comes from being current. Being current comes from updates.

The solution? What if hosting and updating were in one package? The client would be motivated to gather content on a regular basis, and hand it off to me; I would then update the site.  I’m not going to mention pricing here, as it will depend on how many updates per week is appropriate to your needs, but hit me up in the contact tab and we can chat about it. Thanks!